OEI - Trauma

Observed Experiential Integration

OEI is a therapeutic process that:

Trauma has been described as

The OEI process includes:


“My grade 3 teacher asked me to read a paragraph in a book to the class, and after I read as best I could, she said "I doubt you understood even 30% of what you read!" For years afterwards I couldn't read without severe anxiety kicking in, but after several sessions of OEI, I read 8 books in 2 months! I couldn't believe that I could ENJOY reading again!" (male, age 50, computer technician)

"While studying as a grad student, I sometimes experienced high anxiety related to deadlines, relational issues, or public presentations. Upon receiving OEI therapy, my anxiety decreased and my capacity to think more rationally increased. Often I wondered how things felt so mixed up before OEI, and afterwards my decision making process was that much clearer. (40 year old female)

"After witnessing a murder right before my eyes, one session of OEI decreased my anxiety level from very high to almost nothing. After that session, I was able to sleep again at night, and no longer felt fearful upon returning to the crime scene location" (female, spry at 75 years)

"I was in a vehicle rollover which resulted in my husband's death, and did OEI 5 years later. I'd worked through most of my grief by that time; however OEI sessions revealed emotional disbelief that the event had occurred, and then processed and decreased much of the anxiety and grief
around the accident scene itself". (Karen Gustafson)

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