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Observed & Experiential Integration


OEI is effective for processing and resolving PTSD, psychological trauma,  addictions & eating disorders, providing relief from anxiety, panic, anger, grief. and other intense emotions.  

It rapidly de-escalates affective and somatic intensity, and improves relationships (couples, families, groups), and performance - artistic, athletic, professional.

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EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization


EMDR is a psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress. It is an effective treatment for trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as anxiety, panic, depression, eating disorders & addictions.  EMDR

 utilizes the motion of the eyes with therapeutic guidance to bring about emotional (and sometimes physical) healing, at an accelerated rate.

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Trauma Therapy Testimonials


Website designer, age 50:  “My grade 3 teacher asked me to read a paragraph in a book to the class, and after I read as best I could, she said "I doubt you understood even 30% of what you read!" For years afterwards I couldn't read without severe anxiety, but after several sessions of OEI, I read 8 books in 2 months! I couldn't believe that I could ENJOY reading again!" 

76 year old female:   I was sexually molested at age 6 by a male teen.  For years I put it out of my mind, and now it's 70 years later, and I can see the scene as clearly as if it happened yesterday!  The Counsellor explained that, without trauma therapy, trauma stays present tense in the brain.  Thankfully OEI therapy calmed my brain down from that memory.

Angry male with angry father: "I grew up in a home with an angry father, and I absorbed all that anger.  It was like living in a war zone, it was traumatic.  Then I became the angry father.  I didn't want to lose my wife and kids, so I decided to do the OEI therapy.  The day came when I no longer had to control or manage my anger... It was simply gone!" 

Grad Student: "While studying.  I sometimes experienced high anxiety related to deadlines, relational issues, or public presentations. Upon receiving OEI therapy, my anxiety decreased and my capacity to think more rationally increased. Often I wondered how things felt so mixed up before OEI, and afterwards my decision making process was that much clearer. 

Grandmother:  "After witnessing a murder in a mall parking lot,  OEI decreased my anxiety level from very high to almost nothing. After one session, I was able to sleep again at night, and no longer felt fearful upon returning to the crime scene location".

Karen Gustafson: 

"I was in a traumatic vehicle rollover which resulted in my husband's death.  It was 5 years later that I did OEI. I'd worked through most of my grief by that time; however OEI sessions revealed emotional shock / disbelief that the event had occurred, and then processed and decreased much of the anxiety and grief around the accident scene itself".